Funding for Training

Workforce Investment FundingGetting trained for a new career can be costly, but there is assistance available. The Individual Training Account Grants provide up to $2,400 for eligible participants to use toward degree or certificate programs.

There are several stipulations in order to receive these funds such as the program must be for an occupation that is on your County’s Demand Occupation list. These occupations are the one’s that are identified as high growth and more likely to employ graduates. The funds must be used for classes and books and can’t be used for remedial courses (introductory classes that only provide the basics on a subject). Students must also meet income requirements and cannot be in default of past student loans. Funds are also available to dislocated workers.

Visit a One-Stop, Department of Labor, or the Buffalo Employment & Training Center to speak to a representative that can give you the steps on how to apply.


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