What’s the Resume Golden Standard?

resume standards

The Resume’s main point is to get you the interview. Remember that when you create one. This is the only job for a Resume so don’t over think it. Most Resumes are only read in the matter of 10-20 seconds. Therefore, there is not one common or standardized resume; however I generally hear that a chronological one is the most preferred and one page is best unless you have plenty of relative experience. HR Reps are going to want to pair your skills and experience with the job as quickly as possible so make every second count.

Ok, so where do you start? Start by picking among the many types of resume types out there based on what you think is best for the job you are going for. The three main styles are chronological, functional, and creative (for marketing, artists and the like). From this point you choose how its formatted (the way it looks).

It does not have to be one page. Two pages can work better once you have enough experience or many accomplishments. Many colleges and traditional wisdom say to do only one page. Choose the one you are most comfortable with. Again, there is no right or wrong in how your resume is formatted anymore (unless the recruiter wants it a certain way of course!). I just want to reiterate that I hear a chronological, one-page Resume fits best for most people so if you aren’t sure ask someone that can assist you better such as an employee that works at a company you are applying to or someone in the same industry as the job.

For paper Resumes, make sure to put it on bonded resume paper. Bonded paper of 24 lbs. should be sufficient. I’ve found 3 2lbs. is a bit too hard, has very sharp edges, and can only be printed using the back tray of a printer (big pain). Usually, bonded paper has a waterark and added texture. Just keep in mind in today’s WNY job search most employers prefer digital resumes.

See the How-to guide on writing and formatting your resume.

image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bullionvault/3592555300/

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