It’s Resume Making Time!

resume makingSo you want to know how to create the perfect Resume to get that great new job? Well, job searching in Buffalo and everywhere else does require a Resume, but there is no such thing as a perfect Resume. The Resume isn’t going to get you a job, but it will help you get an interview though!

These tips are here to help you write a great Resume and guide you into choosing the format you want to use.

First, if your applying for a corporate position, it may be best for you to just write a basic chronological Resume in Microsoft Word using Arial font. This will ensure you match the most of requirements by corporate recruiters. Don’t use Times New Roman though; everyone else uses this so you will just blend in. Arial is also easier to read. It’s also good to use font sizes between 10 & 12 with nothing higher than 14.

Second,find out the Resume format (chronological, functional) and what type of file format ( Microsoft Word, PDF, or body of email) that the employer you are applying to prefers. For example, Independent Health prefers Chronological resumes. Law firms, corporations, healthcare and other traditional/very professional recruiters probably also prefer traditional resumes so its important to know your audience. On the other hand, Google is indeed a corporation but takes a modern approach by not caring how your resume is formatted.

Third, find ways to differentiate your Resume from the competition. As stated before, don’t use Times New Roman font. In addition, grab the readers attention by bolding important parts and using numbers. Recruiters don’t spend much time on resumes so using bold words laser focuses the readers attention on the important stuff fast. I bet the first thing you saw in this post was the bold text above. HR recruiters also love quantifiable info. that answers questions. For example, its easy to say you increased revenue on a Resume but by saying you increased revenue by $50,000 says a whole lot more.

The most important thing you should get from this post is that there is no golden rule for resumes and the main point of a Resume is to get you the interview–not the job. In your WNY job & career search you will be told so many different contradicting things about resumes so just do whatever you feel comfortable with and what you think the recruiter would want. Trust me, be prepared to hear conflicting information and constant recommendations to change your Resume. It’s going to happen. What you want is someone who works in HR at a company or recently got a job at the company.

Included below are some Resume’s from commonly used resources. You can also use Google’s Image search with the words “Resume Samples” and get hundreds of results.

Resume samples:
Wharton Business School – Use the Alumni Column
Monster – Has Resume’s for different professions
CareerBuilder – Resume’s based on experience/field – Samples based on professional

image courtesy:

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