Your Email Address is Your First Impression

e-mailYour online name is your identity; Make it count. Use professional emails in your job hunting instead of one’s like A professional email would look something like Emails are free so make a new one. If you are upset that you now have two emails and have to check them both, then I recommend forwarding all your old/personal emails to your new, professional one.

If you do not have a jobsearch email, I recommend using Gmail by Google. It has the best spam filter of any service provider and has a classier reputation than other free email providers. If you choose another provider than Gmail, then use I’ve used it and I like it. I still prefer Gmail, but Microsoft has made some great leaps in design and function with the new Outlook. Just a side note, is not the same as the Outlook you would use on your computer at work.

Gmail shows you how to forward all incoming mailOutlook forwarding Guide, Yahoo!’s Guide. Important: I don’t believe there is a way to turn off your Spam/Junk filter anymore so if you forward your emails and something gets put into your original email’s spam folder, then you will not get it at the second email address’ inbox. You will have to check your original email’s inbox occasionally  What I recommend is making a professional email, use the forwarding option, and notify people of the change. Once you start conversing using your new one, it’ll become the default auto-suggestion in their email’s Send To: box so eventually this will not be an issue. I’ve done this and haven’t had to check my old one after about a month. Don’t forget to update all your online accounts for cable, phone, banking and the like.


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