Posting Your Resume Online

how to submit resume onlineIt’s time to take your Resume from your computer to the online world. The three main job boards for posting your resume are Monster, CareerBuilder, and Indeed. Buffalo Job Finder used to be called Yahoo! HotJobs but was bought by Monster so now Buffalo Job Finder and Monster are essentially the same service. Another local one is

Companies that are hiring in Buffalo & WNY may use these services to find candidates, however, the chance of a recruiter finding your Resume on these sites and reaching out to you is slim. The best use of these websites is to find job postings and openings. When making your Resume for these job boards, it is recommended that you not include your home address. There isn’t really any reason a recruiter needs your address in today’s job search. They will get that information when you fill out a job application or tax forms. Some people just include their Name, Email, LinkedIn, and website (if they have one). Only give out your Social Security Number after you are hired, or if it is required before that point. It isn’t a requirement until after you have an interview for the background check or to add you to the employee roster.

How do recruiters find your Resume on these job boards? Well, everything is based on your profile and keywords in your Resume so it’s important to include as many keywords as possible for the type of jobs you want. For example, a Marketing Assistant would include the words Marketing, Assistant, organized, reliable, dependable, multi-tasking, social, creative, and the like. A good practice is to look at a bunch of job descriptions for the types of jobs you want, and then, pick out the most used keywords from among them. A great tool to find out which words are most used in a job description is All you have to do is cut and paste the job description into the form, and it’ll display the most used words. The more a word is used the bigger it is displayed.

The big job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder are able to easily accept Microsoft Word files with lines and other special formatting, but other, smaller boards may not be able to so try to cut down on the amount of special formatting when you post it online.

Here are some guides for specific job boards: Monster (Buffalo Job Finder)CareerBuilder.

Craigslist – The Buffalo Craigslist is another popular avenue people use to find jobs in Buffalo & WNY. We’ve all heard the stories of Craigslist being filled with scams and other potential harmful problems, however, there are good, decent people on the site. Also, many recruiters are now using it to post job openings.

How to be safe when posting your Resume on Craigslist:

  1. Only include your first name and last name; do not include your middle initial
  2. Definitely do not include your home address or any other private information
  3. Leave off dates for your college years
  4. Your name and email is all you need to include; your phone number isn’t necessary at this stage.
  5. Just remember to never give out your Social Security Number, mother’s maiden name, or bank account information until you have properly vetted the person contacting you. Some scammers will ask for that information for a Background Check. They don’t need that until you have been interviewed.
  6. Meet people only at an official place of business or public place. Some scammers use other company names so don’t go by the name to determine the trustworthiness of the recruiter.

You are now ready to safely post your resume online. Just be careful and be mindful of what information you are releasing. In the end, there are way more good people on the internet so embrace this great tool we have; just do it responsibly.

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