75% of All Jobs Found Are Not Advertised

hidden job marketJob searching in Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas is said to be a full-time job. The problem is the majority of people go onto job boards like wnyjobs.com, Monster, or Indeed and think their next job will be found there. Unfortunately, only 5% of actual job postings are found online through traditional job boards. The key is to unlock the hidden job market. I breakdown the rest of the math below.

48% of all jobs are found by networking

According to the Department of labor networking is the way majority of job openings are found. Think about it.The more people who know you are looking for a job, the more chances of an opening being referred back to you. A lot of employers hire within or ask current employees if they know someone who could fill a position. It makes sense since recommendations from friends and colleagues are large influences when it comes to making a decision.

24% of jobs are landed through cold calling.

This can be done through two methods. The first is to call a company you want to work for and state who you are, your qualifications, and ask if there is any need for your talents. This method takes a lot of tough skin so the next and more softer approach is to call and state who you are, your interest in the company, and that you would like to meet with them for half an hour for an informational interview. Never ask for a job or any other kind of bait and switch if you choose the informational interview method. Just state that you would like to work there and ask questions such as what the person recommends you do to achieve that goal. Don’t ask for a job or put any pressure on the person, and don’t be afraid, after all, the worst that can happen is they say No and you are life is the same.

The other 23% of jobs are found through staffing firms. This means a total of 28% of all jobs are found through recruiting firms and the online job boards mentioned previously. Meanwhile, almost 75% of all jobs are earned through networking and cold calling so think about this the next time you are job searching on monster.com.


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