Buffalo Job Networking Groups

job networking groups in buffaloA great way to make new contacts is by simply networking. I’ve listed the various types of networking groups below. When looking for a contact or job, you can network with people who are in the same industry, but it’s also beneficial to go to general networking groups with others that could also assist you in your job hunt.  

Networking Groups:

There are plenty of job networking groups in Buffalo to meet and connect with people whether online or in-person. I first list networking groups that are typically for employed networkers, and further down the page, I list networking groups designed specifically for individuals who are in-between jobs.

I can’t talk about job networking groups without mentioning LinkedIn. If you are not on LinkedIn, do it today. Several groups on there are Buffalo Networking Professionals, Buffalo Executive Job Search Network, and First Thursday”s Networking. LinkedIn is  an amazing places to start to find groups that cater to your specific field such as the Social Media Club of Buffalo. You can always use the Advance button next to the  Search bar on LinkedIn to search for your names of networking groups that match what you want.

Another great resource for job networkers is Meetup.com. Meetup is a site devoted to connecting people in the real world who have common interests. In the past few years this site has exploded in popularity so there is a group for almost anything. Some groups such as the Buffalo WordPress Group is great for web designers, artists, and everyone who wants to build a website. If you are looking for a job in web design this would be a great place to meet others in your field. Some groups are designed for business owners such as the Microbusiness Meetup, and some are for general networking or slanted towards lead exchange so learn about the group’s purpose on their page or ask the organizer to learn if it fits what you want. Like LinkedIn, you can search “networking,” and you’ll get a complete list.

Networking groups that are not based online would include your local chamber of commerce or the groups below.

Unemployed Job Hunters:

The networking groups at the One-Stops and Department of Labor are for unemployed individuals. They include tips on how to find jobs, write Cover lettersResume’s, as well as, provide a great support network. The people at these groups are very generous and filled with first-hand knowledge of job searching so I highly recommend visiting them. It’s a lot easier to get a job when you have help than it is by yourself.


11:00 Am- 12: noon (or 12:30 dependant on group activity)
ECC One Stop Jobhunt Networking group
Lake & Abbot Road, O.P.
Facilitator: Bob Durante
(Gate keeper to Tuesday ECC P.O.D. Group)
Meets in lower level conference room.
First 25 people allowed into room (Fire Regulation).
(ECConestop Orientation required)


9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Professionals In Transition (P.I.T. group)
St. Aloysius Grammar School
157 Cleveland Drive, Door “G”
At the corner of Century Rd
Between Harlem and Eggert Rd.
Facilitator: Michele Monfuletho & weekly facilitator
OPEN BY INVITE ONLY at this time.

11:30 to 12:30
DOL Networking Group
Department of Labor
Facilitator: Barbara Deike, Michele Taylor
4175 Transit Rd (Main & Transit)
Williamsville, NY

12:30 to 2:30 PM
WNY Executive Candidates
Meets off site
Facilitator: Bob Durante
(Have to be referred to group by Bob Durante)


10:00 Am to 11:30 Am
The Parachute group
Amherst Community Center
Harlem Road, Amherst
Facilitator: Group Lead.
Open to all


12 Noon to 2:00 Pm
B.E.T.C Center P.O.D.  Group
Oak & Goodell Streets
Buffalo, NY
Facilitator: Joe Sullivan
Support/ co-facilitator: Cindy Andolina
(BETC orientation is required)

1:30 to 3:00 Pm
ECC One Stop Jobhunt networking group
Lake  & Abbott Roads, O.P.
Facilitator: Norm Weiler
First 25 people allowed in (Fire Regulation’s).
(ECC One Stop orientation required)

12 Noon to 2:00 PM
Niagara Falls P.O.D. Group
Trott Center
1001 Eleventh Street
Niagara Falls, NY 14301
(Orientation necessary)

2:30 to 3:30pm
DOL Networking Group
Facilitator: Barbara Deike, Michele Taylor
4175 Transit Rd (Main & Transit)
Williamsville, NY

The facilitators of the groups are great people to get to know. They are the people out there getting job listings to present to groups one week prior to general public posting.


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