Standout with a Personal Business Card

business cardNetworking is an important activity when searching for Buffalo jobs. Luckily, the post Effective Networking Tools gives you a list of tips so you can network successfully. One of the most important tools is a personal business card. Sure, you may had a business card from your employer, but in today’s world, we are our own personal brands that require our own, personal business cards.

Also, it makes it so much easier to just hand someone your card with all your contact information. You don’t want to be the only person in the room scrambling to write down your contact info on napkins for each person you meet. Save yourself the embarrassment and headache and get some!

What should you include on your business card?

  • Your name with your expertise (ie Six Sigma Operations Expert)
  • Email, LinkedIn, phone #, and personal website if you have one
  • Three of your most important strengths/skills (on the back is a good place for these)
  • Leave off your home address, it takes up valuable space and isn’t necessary

If you don’t have a professional email, then read my important post on professional emails, and then the LinkedIn post to get started on LinkedIn.

A picture of yourself is also becoming a great and very effective part of your business card. It helps people put a face to a name, and it reminds them where they met you and what you talked about. Also, now that social media is very much integrated in our lives, it’s becoming awkward to have a name without a smiling face next to it so go ahead and put your portrait on your new business card.

Where to get business cards?

Homemade cards using high quality paper from Office Max is usually more expensive and definitely less professional looking. Save your self the trouble and get a professional one. Vistaprint is the #1 place to get FREE business cards. Shipping is only $10 for 250 cards so it is a very good deal. If you are willing to shell out a little bit more money, a business card that opens up like a greeting card is an even better idea. This way you can include more skills along with licenses & certifications you may have. Plus, it is a cut above the rest so you will definitely stand out from the other business cards. To get the folded cards, go to the Vistaprint website, hover your cursor over Business Cards and choose Folded Business Cards. is another site that has great looking business cards, but it costs more.

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