Increase Job Leads with LinkedIn

increase job leadsLinkedIn is a great tool to find jobs in Buffalo and WNY. It has become great place to build your online identity and connect with other professionals. I include my LinkedIn profile on my Resume in lieu of my home address.

Another great benefit of using LinkedIn is it manages your contacts for you. If you meet somebody at a networking event, or start-up a conversation with someone at Spot Coffee you can connect with them on LinkedIn just by searching for their name. This means you don’t have to worry about losing their contact information, and you can see their connections and get introduced to someone through them. You also don’t have to worry about adding them to your Facebook friends and keeping your professional and private lives separate.

Since LinkedIn is a professional networking site, it is a great place to maintain your identity online. Anyone who searches “your name buffalo” on Google will see your name right at the top of their search results.

Connect, connect, connect! 

Why is this important? Because, it will increase the size of your network, which means you can find out who your contacts know at companies you are applying to. Everything is listed right there on their profile so if you know John Smith, and he knows Bob Joe at XZY Company, then you can get introduced to Bob through John via LinkedIn. We all know when you submit your Resume online to a job application, it feels like sending it into a black hole. LinkedIn fixes this problem by allowing you to find an actual contact at a company you want to work for.

TIP – You can follow companies to see their updates like new hires, promotions, and list of employees. Most of the updates for Buffalo companies on LinkedIn are managed by the HR department, and you can click on their name and get their contact information! You can also view the list of employees, and anyone you are connected to at that company.

In addition, join groups that are in your field (ex. Buffalo Technology Group) or one’s that are specifically made for the unemployed in Buffalo & WNY (ex. The Parachute Group). A lot of recruiters post job openings in groups before they post them on job boards so it is really important to join groups that you feel are relevant in your Buffalo jobsearch. Fellow job seekers also post tips, questions, and answers in group discussions. Answering questions is a great way to show your knowledge on topics and increase your visibility, which makes it easier for people to remember you. You don’t want people to forget your looking for employment. You know the saying “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” so get active!

LinkedIn is a great tool to use, and it is fast becoming a recruiting tool as well. More jobs are found through recommendations and the hidden job market. The odds of getting an interview through online postings are not nearly as good as they are as getting them through informational interviews, which can be setup through your connections on LinkedIn.

View our How-to Create an Outstanding LinkedIn Profile to get the most out of your profile.


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