How to Create an Oustanding LinkedIn Profile

outstanding resumesThe most important thing to have on LinkedIn is a great profile. This means having your profile completeness as close to 100% as possible. It isn’t hard to accomplish this so keep working at it until you are there. A complete LinkedIn profile will have all the information someone will need to learn about you and what you do or want to do. It is a provider of numerous benefits.

LinkedIn no longer has their Resume upload button, which is a good thing because it wasn’t the best at transferring your skills and qualifications. If you want bulleted lists, I highly recommend using the copy and paste method. Use your current Resume that’s in Microsoft Word and simply copy and paste the info. into LinkedIn, and since LinkedIn doesn’t have an option to insert bullet points, this method allows you to add them, which makes your Profile more organized and consisted with your Resume. If you want a more summary style, then copying and pasting wouldn’t be beneficial. There aren’t any rules on how your experience should be listed on LinkedIn so it’s OK to use words like “I.” This may change in the future, but for right now, use the best method you think will provide the most relevant information in the fastest time.

When creating your profile, think about your best attributes, skills, talents and achievements. Make sure to use keywords that recruiters will be looking for. Many recruiters use LinkedIn’s search function to find potential candidates so make sure they find you!  For the headline, use your best keywords that define you (ex. Six Sigma Project Manager). Use whatever it is you want people to identify you as. It does not have to be a title, it can be an attention grabbing headline. For the rest of the Profile, list off your job duties and achievements like you would on a Resume with action words.

A LinkedIn profile is more than an online Resume, you can list what groups, organizations, certifications and other attributes to your profile (stay away from Political, Religious & similar types). You can use “I” statements to make it more personable. After all that’s what LinkedIn is about. It’s a personal profile used for business networking so make sure you keep that in mind. Also, keep in mind anything you put down may be seen by anyone like a former employer or competitors.

How to Ask for LinkedIn Recommendations?
The best way is to write a recommendation for the person you want one from. If you write one for them, they’ll feel honored and would want to return the favor. This is a great way to show potential recruiters that you have credibility. Endorsements are another great way to validate someone’s skills. If you Endorse them, they will Endorse you back.


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