Why you should Love Interviewing

job search loveWhen it comes to interviewing for a job, most people dread it. They even say that they hate it, and it’s a waste of time because you are asked useless questions. Then, you are made to do it all over again for a second or third round of interviews, where you have to repeat the same information over again. Well, if you have an inexperienced interviewer who just uses Google to pick questions to ask, then Yes, it is most likely a waste of everyone’s time. If the interviewer truly knows why they are asking each question, then it is a great opportunity for everyone to learn about each other to see if the new relationship will be a good match.

The main point of an interview is for the interviewer to see if you are actually qualified by asking you questions related to what you have stated on your Resume and Cover Letter, as well as to see if you are a good fit with the company’s culture. The interview is meant to see who is the best overall fit in the position and company. When you apply for a position, you are in competition with dozens of other people, but the company is looking for a specific type of person. It doesn’t matter if you have way more experience and education than another job applicant if the company doesn’t think that you will fit in with other employees or be compatible with culture of the company.

What’s wonderful about an interview is it gives you an inside look of the company from someone who already works there. The interview process is a two-way street. You are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you. In today’s stressful world, do you really want to work at a job that you dread going to everyday? It doesn’t matter how much it pays, you will not last, whether you quit or are fired–it will simply not work out. Take the opportunity you have in front of you and get to know the company and the people who work there to see if it’s right for you. Extreme circumstances aside, you do have the freedom to choose where and how you work.

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