Panel Interviews

panel_interviewsThe Panel interview will consist of you and a group of people from the hiring company. Usually, it is three people, and it varies who these people are. Sometimes is three managers, including the one you will be working with, or it could be one person from HR, a team lead, and the dept. manager. The first thing to know about Panel interviews and all interviews it to be prepared. If you haven’t read the post on How to Prepare for an Interview I recommend it.

Panel Interviews

This type of interview is very similar to the one one one interview. The only difference is you will be interviewing with several people. Most likely it’ll be three people in a conference room. The key to these is to make eye contact with each person when you are talking. It works nicely if you go from left to right or right to left, whichever way you feel comfortable, just as long as you are making sure everyone in the room feel like you are talking to them directly. This is true even if only one person is asking the interview questions. They are going to talk about you after the meeting so you’ll want to leave a good impression on everyone when you leave.

Many people are nervous going into interviews and forget the names of the people they are interviewing with so a way to remember everyone’s name is to exchange business cards at the very beginning when you are shaking hands. Hopefully, you have read the post on Getting Your Own Personal Business Card because this trick works great. When you exchange cards, you can place each person’s in front of you in the order they are sitting so all you have to do is glance down and double-check their name if you’ve forgotten it. If you don’t have a business card, you can just ask for theirs or ask them if it’s alright if you take notes and write their names down then. At the end of the interview, make sure to get each person’s business card if you haven’t done so already so you’ll have their contact info. and proper spelling of their first & last name. Having proper spelling is important when you send your follow-up thank you cards. These thank you cards should be personalized for each person.


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