One on One Interview

The traditional one-on-one interview is still being used. Usually, it is with the HR recruiter but sometimes it can be with the manager that is needing a position filled. A key post to read is the How to Prepare for an Interview in order to prepare for this interview. Remember, a one-on-one interview doesn’t always have to be in a formal setting. It can be a walk, which Mark Zuckerberg is a fan, or an on-the-spot interview that randomly pops up between you and someone else.

One on One Interviews

This is the most common interview and is usually done with the Human Resources department. Employers are trying to screen out job applicants at this stage so the managers only have to spend time on people who are more likely to be hired. The one-on-one interview can be formal or informal. The main difference between the two is the informal interview is more relaxed and conversation based, while the formal one is structured and usually the same questions are asked of all job applicants in the same order. Furthermore, for a formal interview the recruiter may even be using a cheat sheet that already has the questions pre-written and will not be asking any other questions than those.

If this interview ends up being a sequential one or even a panel interview at some point, always treat each new person as a new, separate interview so don’t be afraid to repeat some of your answers. You can word them differently but just make sure you answer all questions confidently and fully to everyone you speak. After the one-on-one interview, the second round of interviews is most likely going to be a panel.

Prepare for job interviews with the How to Prepare for Job Interviews post, and then practice on commonly used interview questions with the Standard Job Interview Questions post.


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