Phone & Video Interviews

phone interviews Companies today are very busy and would much rather screen candidates over the phone or computer first instead of spending resources on candidates they won’t be hiring. It may feel weird at first, but there are some benefits to these types of interviews, which I dive into in this post.

Phone & Video Interviews:

These type of interviews are just like the others mentioned only you are doing them via the phone or computer. Most companies are using distance interviews because it’s cheaper both monetarily and timely so you will most likely be doing one of these for your first interview. Do what you would at the other interviews: Be professional, punctual, confident, relaxed, and likable. The greatest thing about phone interviews is you can place all your answers in front of you and refer to them when needed. This doesn’t really work for video because they will see you looking at your notes, which looks bad. A good tip is to have all the information you think you will need in front of you. Just try not to always be reading from it or rely too heavily on your cheat sheet because they may hear it in your voice.

Also, some people recommend wearing a full suit to replicate the feeling of being in an in-person interview, but the truth is you can do whatever makes you comfortable. I actually had a bad experience because I took the phone interview too seriously and wasn’t able to relax. All you have to do is practice and see which works best for you. If you can, use a landline phone, and if you don’t have one, then a fully charged cordless phone or cell phone in a quiet area with great reception.

In addition, some employers are using Skype for video conference calls. Skype is a free program you can download. All Skype voice & video calls are Free so the only thing of actual cost to you is your computer and a webcam if yours doesn’t have one built-in (most laptops made after 2007 have them).

Like one-on-one and panel interviewing, preparation is important. My post on How to Prepare for an Interview will provide a guide on how to practice for any interview, and for questions that may be asked, check out the Standard Job Interview Questions post.


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