Answering Curveball Interview Questions

curveball interview questionsSome interviewers ask these strange questions just to see how you react. This may sound cruel, but think of it this way, there is always something that comes up unexpectedly in business and they need level headed people who can handle these arising problems. Showing great control under pressure is a valuable asset that will help in securing a job in Buffalo & WNY.

A way to handle these questions is to take a breath, relax, and think. It is OK to look like your thinking about a question and preparing an answer. The interviewer knows the question has come as a surprise to you, and it will work in your favor if you respond wit a well-thought answer. There is no right answer per se so just try to answer the question thoughtfully and with confidence. Remember, confidence always comes across as a desirable attitude. It makes people think you have authority and want to interact with you. Microsoft used to ask “Why are manhole covers round?” Imagine getting that question! It’s actually a legitimate question with the answer being because a round cover can never fall down a round hole.


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