A Sample Thank You Letter

how to write a thank you letterA thank you letter is critical when looking for jobs in Erie County. It is crucial to send your thank you letter 1-2 days after an interview, and use it only to say thanks for the opportunity, restate your strength, and let them know you will be following up.

 There are a few things every thank you letter should have:

  • A paragraph thanking the employer for the opportunity and time
  • A section re-selling your strong points that reference topics discussed during the interview
  • Another paragraph reinforcing your interest in the position

Thank You letter sample:

Mr. Ralph Wilson
Tuffalo Tills Corporation
123 Tills Drive
Buffalo, NY 14224

Dear Mr. Wilson:

I would like to thank you for taking the time to meet with me. I am very interested in the position where I can learn a lot from you and your company.

After hearing from your Project Manager John about the need you have for someone with expertise in Microsoft Access, I would like to reiterate that I in my last position I used Access every day for 3 years and created over 10 databases with hundreds of records in each.

I would like very much to join your team and to learn and grow with the company. I will contact you via email next Tuesday to discuss my status.

Thank You,
Marv Levy

The above is just a simple example of what should be included in a Thank You Letter. There are more detailed one’s for specific job sources. Your best friend would be to use search for Sample Thank You letter (insert job title here) in both normal Google and Google Images. Use my How Often to Should You Follow Up After an Interview post to learn about when the next best time to contact employers would be.


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