To Shave or Not to Shave for Job Interviews?

Should i shave for job interviewsThe simple answer is to just go ahead and shave your beard, mustache, mutton chops or whatever you have off of your face. Lots of guys drive themselves up the wall trying to figure out if they should. Parting with one’s look can be a very tough decision to make. The problem is you just don’t know how employers will view your style so it’s best to just go with a safe one.

If you know that you’ll be fine without shaving then don’t. You will most likely never lose a job opportunity because you didn’t shave so don’t sweat too much about it. When most employers interview candidates, they’ll inform the candidates of the company’s policy. Once you decide to shave, you might not like what you see so shave a week or two before the interview to get adjusted to your new look and build up that complexion. The good news is if you’re hired and there isn’t any policy on shaving then you can grow it back immediately. Also, while you’re in the office for the interview take a look around and see how other people are dressed, and if anyone has a beard. This way you’ll know with your own eyes the company’s cultuer. I haven’t shaven off my beard for any interview because I there hasn’t been a job I’ve interviewed for where a shaven face would perform better. Plus, I think I look better with facial hair, and I don’t ever plan on playing for the Yankees.


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