Your Home Address Is Costing You Jobs!

wnyjobhomeWhen was the last time you received a job rejection letter in the mail? Can you even remember? Probably not because like most people, almost all of your correspondences with employers is through email these days. So why are you wasting valuable Resume real estate by including your home address? If an employer wants to send you actual documents, then they can ask you for your address, however, chances are if they are sending you paperwork, then you’re past the resume stage.

Your resume should be filled with as much relevant material as possible, and since keywords are very important, you will want to have as many as you can coherently fit. Especially, if you have a one page Resume, it’s very important to leave off any information that isn’t pertinent at this stage in the hiring process. Instead of your address, put the 4 most important contact methods: Your Email, Home/Cell #, LinkedIn Profile link, and your portfolio website (if you have one).

Also, if you include your address on your Resume, it may cause some unanticipated bias. For example, with Buffalo’s bad weather an employer may think you will be late or not show up on bad weather days because you live in heavy hit areas or far from the job site. Plus, we all know that certain neighborhood’s have reputations and that reputation shouldn’t define you–so don’t allow it. This tip also works if you are looking for jobs outside of WNY. If you don’t have a local address in another area you are looking to move, then by leaving off the address on your Resume, the employers will not know where you currently live! There have been success stories of people who put their Resume online at job sites like Monster without an address, and it greatly increased their responses from potential employers.


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