“Since When Are You the Quitting Kind?”

football-helmetWe all know that looking for jobs in Buffalo & WNY is tough, and at times, we feel like giving up. It’s at these points in our job search that we must pull all the energy from deep within our gut and push forward. Giving up is simply not an option.This is why getting out of your house, away from the computer, and socializing is key to keeping spirits up.

Join a networking group. They are filled with job hunting tips, helpful people that know what you are going through, and most importantly are filled with a positive atmosphere. Some members of WNY & Buffalo networking groups are going through very rough times as well because of health or financial issues, but they come to the meetings and are reminded that they are not alone.

This video clip is from the movie Rudy, it’s a truly motivational film that is excellent for those who believe that they simply do not have what it takes and want to give up.



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