10 Job Hunting Tips

job search tipsI’ve added detailed tips on how to handle job hunting in Buffalo & WNY here as a quick reference guide. It’s a tough world out there for job seekers, but by following these tips, you can stand out from the competition and crush it. What I found best to get a job is to be vigilante and connect to as many people as possible. There are so many tactics out there to find jobs but they all boil down fundamentals that I include in the quick cheat sheet.

1. Specialize – focus your search around certain skills, experience, and even activities you enjoy doing instead of sending your Resume out to everyone. Even though it’s a numbers game, individualized Resume’s will get the attention of employers more so send out as many Resume’s tailored to specific jobs as possible. Most importantly focus on what your goal and find out how to accomplish it (have very specific goals).

2. Evaluate – Review your current job search and see what is working and what isn’t, and ask others what they find is working for them. Redoing your Resume many times during a job search is a necessity so keep evaluating and updating it regularly.

3. Socialize – Most jobs are found through networking so get out there and meet as many people as possible. The odds are in your favor if you have dozens more people keeping their eyes and ears open on your behalf. There are numerous networking groups in Buffalo and WNY to meet others.

4. Get online – It’s the digital era, if you’re not on LinkedIn and taking full advantage of it, then the competition already has a leg up. There are a lot of jobs posted on LinkedIn Group pages that aren’t posted anywhere else!

5. Set Goals – Most people need routines whether they realize is or not so create short-term goals and schedules so when you do accomplish them, it will boost your self-esteem.

6. Keep it fresh – Don’t get stuck in a rut or boring routine, every once in a while do things different so you can have a more clear state of mind, which will breed more productivity.

7. Stand Out – Get a personalized business card, 250 cards is all you need and can be had for only $10 on Vistaprint.com.

8. Create a portfolio – People love to look at pictures because they say so much in such little time so why not create a personal portfolio with your own accomplishments, skills, Resumes, and more for recruiters to flip through during and after an interview.

9. Sell it! – This is all about you so act like it. Have an elevator speech ready at all times, carry business cards, go to networking groups, keep in contact with employers–past, present, and future. Therefore, never leave anything open ended. Take the lead and say you’ll call an employer at a certain time to follow-up, ask what is the next step, and most of all…

Ask for the job.

10. Stay Positive – Job hunting in Buffalo & WNY can be a daunting task so being mentally prepared for it is key. Try to be around people who will lift your spirits, go to the gym to increase your heartbeat and stay healthy. Lastly, if you can, go on vacation. This might be the only time in your life you have the option to just get away from it all and truly relax.


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