IRS Job Search Tax Deductions

wny taxesThere are many items you can deduct from your taxes while looking for jobs in Buffalo & WNY so keep a detailed notebook filled with your notes and receipts so you can save money when it comes to tax season. You can also ask an accountant or tax consultant on what types of items can be deducted. Receipts are key!

Job search expenses:

Resume – You can deduct the amount you spend on preparing and mailing copies of your resume.

Travel (gas) – If you go to networking events, interviews, and other job search related activities that require you to travel away from your home, then these can be deducted. Make sure to keep track of mileage and receipts.

Legal fees – Any legal fee associated with your job search can be deducted

Basically, almost anything that is jobsearch related can be deducted. More deductions and further explanations can be found at Kiplinger Tax Deductions, and H&R Block Job Search Tax Deductions, and for more check, out the Miscellaneous Deductions from the IRS.


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