The Official Way to Check Your Credit Report

credit-reportThe only legitimate website is It’s free and lets you choose which of the three credit report companies you want to use. They are Experien, TransUnion, and Equifax. Other “free” sites may give you your report, however, they end up getting your money by automatically locking you into a subscription plan.

The report includes any loans in your name and whether you are in good standing or not, but it does not include your actual credit score number. You will have to pay about $10 if you want your actual numbered score. Each company let’s you check your report once per year for free. I recommend checking every 4 months and keeping a record of which company was used along with the date and processing number. This will keep your records more organized in case you have to refer to them later. I find a simple Microsoft Word document to be all I need to keep mine organized. This is relevant to jobs in Buffalo because on very rare occasions your credit report might be pulled by an employer and you wouldn’t want to miss out on landing the work you love because of it.


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