Add Keywords Your Resume with Skills

With the wide spread use of employers using computers to scan digital Resumes and cover letters, a job seeker needs to figure out how to make sure that computer chooses theirs among all the others. Think of it the same way way Google presents you with results for words you searched. The computer scanner searches for certain words that relate to the job posting. Use these tips to your advantage.

If an employer is seeking a Marketing Assistant, they’ll set their Resume crawlers to scan Resumes for words like Marketing, Assistant, Creative, Advertising, Photoshop, and more. The Buffalo job seeker will need to have these words in their Resume somewhere, and keep it natural sounding. It’s better to have your sentences flow instead of sounding like you obviously tried to stuff as many keywords as possible without any care for the reader.

Use a website like that will scan the job description and present to you the most relevant keywords. Once it scans the job description, it will present you its findings. Look for the words that are the biggest; they are the most relevant keywords you should use in your Resume and Cover Letter. After you have finished tailoring your Resume to the specific job, then scan your resume and see if you used the keywords enough. There is an option at the bottom of Tagcrowd that let’s you see the number of times each word was used.


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