What Type of Resume Should I Use?

resume typesThere are numerous types of Resume’s out there that a Buffalo job seeker can choose from, but which one is right for you? It all depends on a couple of different factors. One person can use different types of resumes depending on the type of job or even which company (some employers prefer a specific kind). Here’s a table that lists the 3 main types of resumes, their pro’s and con’s, and who they are best suited for. These three are the most commonly used in Buffalo.

Types of Resumes




Who Should Use It

  • Most Popular
  • Easy to organize
  • Structured for the reader
  • Show work history
  • Shows skill & experience learned over time
  • Can show lack of experience
  • Shows periods of unemployment
  • Shows frequent job changes
  • People with decent experience
  • People that are stable in jobs
  • People who want to be promoted into similar jobs
  • Showcases all relevant skills
  • Includes non-job related experiences
  • Hides gaps in employment
  • Harder to show where skills/experience were learned
  • Hides progression of skills/experience development
  • The less experienced
  • People with lots of gaps and jobs switching
  • People with transferable skills from different types of careers
  • Show’s gaps in employment less than chronological
  • Emphasizes skills & experiences for relevant jobs
  • Higher potential to confuse employers if not organized right
  • Spreads focus of jobs and skills/experience so they both may become too diluted
  • People with experience but gaps in employment
  • People shifting to new careers

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