10 Steps to Take After Being Laid Off

what to do after layoffBeing let go from a company is a big event in any person’s life. Especially, when you get the notification at 4pm on a Friday. Many things begin to rush through your mind so I want to make sure you take a breath and make the right decisions. Here is a simple guide based on a Forbe’s article on what to do immediately after you are notified it’s time to leave.

  1. Stay calm – take a deep breath, and think rationally
  2. Maintain a level of professionalism – You are experiencing a very traumatic event and the last thing you want to do is flip out on your manager, C-level executives or other co-workers. Remember, Buffalo and WNY is very small and everyone knows everyone in one way or the other so it’s best to leave on good terms with your last company and co-workers
  3. Stay positive – or it’ll cause a bigger problem than what you are already facing. This separation could be a blessing in disguise or something that can drag out for a long time. It’s best to not make things worse on yourself by thinking detrimental thoughts.
  4. Keep an eye out for other openings in your company – if it’s just a departmental layoff seek advice from other departments that might actually be hiring, and if you use your relationships right, you may end up coming back to work on Monday.
  5. Talk to HR and ask lots of questions – There might be a severance package for you. Also, HR can give you information on unemployment insurance, assistance with job hunting, health insurance info., what to do with your 401k, and more so don’t leave anything on the table. Most importantly, ask them what they will say when a future employer calls about your employment there and why you no longer work for them. Furthermore, don’t sign anything without understanding what it says. They are letting you go so make sure you ask questions about things you don’t understand.
  6. Write down important contact information – You may not have access again to your address book etc,. and sometimes companies bar current employees from contacting past one’s using the company computers so get the home/permanent contact info. for people you have relationships with.
  7. Evaluate your current financial situation – Money is something you can’t live without so begin to get a very accurate detail of your current situation so you can make smart decisions going forward. This is particularly important if you have dependents and family. Don’t stress out right away over this otherwise you may make wrong decisions that can negatively affect you for a very long time.
  8. Evaluate yourself – This is an excellent time to take stock in your personal self. This may be the best time for you to make some moves in things like more training, education, or get out of WNY for some time. A layoff definitely doesn’t seem like a great opportunity, but successful people look to find the opportunity in all events so do like they do and discover what action can be taken during this chance your are given.
  9. Research and prepare – Start getting abreast of current jobs in Buffalo and WNY so you know what you are getting into and find out the best way to move into your next job. Take your time if possible so you make the right decisions that move you into a better situation. Plan out your career goals, how you’re going to obtain them, and then start to work on important steps like your Resume and Cover letters.
  10. Execute your job hunt – Focus on specific jobs you want. Don’t start sending off Resume’s to every employer to get money. It’s important to pick the right job and not end up in one you will either be miserable in, end up quitting, or fired. You don’t want to lose your unemployment insurance, which happens once you start a new job. Don’t go from the frying pan to the fire.

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