Know Thyself: Career Search & Job Resource Websites

know yourselfThe following is a pamphlet used in the Department of Labor in New York State for people looking to explore what careers are available based on skills, interests, education, and more. I think it will help tremendously anyone trying to find their path to a rewarding career in Western New York.

Career Planning & Job Search Websites

If you’re considering a career change, it’s important to research your options.

There are over 12,000 careers to choose from and since 95% of us work in the 3,000 most common job titles, you may never have heard about your “dream job.”

You want to choose a career that allows you to earn enough money to make ends meet

You want to choose a career that offers plenty of job opportunities where you live

If you choose a career that is a good match for your personality, skills, interests and values, you will be happier and more successful on the job and at home.As you go through the following sections, write down potential careers. You’ll have the opportunity to research your careers in section F – wages, job growth, required training and education, etc.

 A. What can I do with a major in ________________?

If you have a college degree or are thinking of pursuing one, check out these websites to find out which career paths your degree will open up for you.

B. What jobs are well-suited to my personality?

1. First, you have to determine your personality type. Click on the following link to take a 72 Question self-assessment personality test.

The results will be a Jung typology (4-letter personality code) and include suggested careers

2. Once you know your type, go to the below site for more detailed information, and to validate the accuracy of your results. If you don’t think they are that accurate of yourself, retake the test  – click on the 4-letter code that resulted from your personality test

3. Then visit this site to find out which careers are well-suited to your personality.

4. The following assessment will tell you more about yourself and how you approach life. It may also help you to understand people who behave differently than you, which will help you in any work situation. – 48-question personality test that gives you an indication of your placement on the following:

  • Closed-minded vs. Open to new experiences
  • Disorganized vs. Conscientious
  • Introverted vs. Extraverted
  • Disagreeable vs. Agreeable
  • Calm/relaxed vs. Nervous/High-strung

These personality websites are not administered by a professional so the results may not be very accurate. If you are interested in taking a formal personality assessment that is administrated by a trained professional, a good one to consider is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The MBTI can be taken at local Workforce Development Centers.

C. What jobs can I do based on the skills I already have?

Most people don’t give themselves credit for the things they’ve learned in school or through part time jobs, summer jobs, volunteering or life.

You need to be able to  determine what skills you have from past experiences and show potential employers how these skills will help you on the job . These are called transferable skills because they can apply to many different types of jobs.

Transferable skills include time management, public speaking, customer service, decision-making, ability to work in a fast-paced environment, and attention to detail. There are hundreds of skills – find out which ones you have.

O*Net: – This site provides a checklist of skills along with descriptions of each one, and a list of jobs that require these skill sets.

  • Check the skills you possess
  • Click on “Go” at the bottom of the page
  • Click on the resulting careers for more information (wages, outlook, training, etc.)

ACINet: – This site is much more detailed than the site above. You select your skills, but then you also rate each of them by how strong they are.

  1. Click on “Explore Careers”
  2. “Find Assessments”
  3. “Skills Profiler”
  4. “Start With Your Skills Profile”
  5. Select the skills you possess then click “Next”
  6. Rate each of the skills you selected from low 1 to high 7

You are provided with a list of occupations that you may qualify for based on your skills. If your list is long, you can narrow it down by education, wages or growth potential

NY Job Zone: – You’ll have to register to use this site but it’s definitely worth it because it will help you not only with skills, but with interests and values too. Be sure to write down your username and password for future use.

Click on “Skills Survey” in the Self Exploration section (middle column)

For checklists of transferable skills, check out the following sites:

D. What jobs should I consider based on my interests?

Choose “Assess Yourself” at the top of the website

  • Hover your mouse over the 6 areas (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional) to view a description of each.
  • Click first on the area that best describes you, then second on the area that next best describes you, and third on the area that next best describes you.
  • Click on “View Occupations” for a list of occupations that you might enjoy
  • Click on the job title for more detailed information

Click on “Career Interests” in the Self Exploration section (middle column)

E. What about my knowledge, abilities, values and preferred work activities?

Use the following website to find occupations that match your knowledge, abilities, values, preferred work activities, skills, and interests.

  • Click on “Find Occupations”
  • Click on any one of the drop-down for a list of occupations based on categories
  • Or use the “Advanced Search” and choose based on interests, skills, abilities, knowledge, activities and more
  • You’ll be provided with a list of job titles that you can click on for more information

Click on “Work Values” in the Self Exploration section (middle column)

*** The O*Net website can be a little a little confusing to find all the assessments that will test your: abilities, interests, and work importance so here’s the quick link for all the tests: ***

F. How do I find out how much these job titles pay, number of jobs, and education requirements?

  • Click on “Occupation Information”
  • Click on “Occupation Profile”
  • Enter the job title and select the resulting career that best matches
  • Select the state you wish to work in

The following sites also offer extensive information on thousands of careers. or

G. Where to find job openings online?

H. How do I get a government (civil service) job? – Cattaraugus Co. – Chautauqua Co. – Erie Co. – Niagara Co. – NYS – US


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