Elevator Speech Example

Now that you have learned how to create and super charge your elevator speech. Here is a quick, yet very effective template to use. This script will help you simplify and laser focus your speech into a clear and concise personal commercial so you can communicate to anyone your skills and desired employment. Remember, this elevator speech must sound natural and from the heart. Make sure to practice, practice, practice.


“Hello, my name is __________________________.”


“I have ____ years of expertise in the _________________ industry.”

(Provide some details about your experience):  “_______________________________________





“I have been praised for __________________________________________________________



Job Target:

“I am interested in ____________________________________________________________.”


“Are you aware of any similar job opportunities?”

“Thank you for your time.  Would you like to exchange business cards?”

Tips for delivering your 30-second commercial:

  • Be warm, friendly and enthusiastic. Smile, make eye contact, and speak confidently.
  • Don’t rush; try to sound natural.
  • Be ready to provide examples of your strengths or experience if asked.
  • End with a request for action – ask for a business card, referral or informational interview

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