Why Use Staffing Agencies?

temp agenciesThere a several reasons to use one of the many staffing companies in Buffalo. It’s where 25% of all unadvertised jobs are located, but not all are the same. Choosing the right one will make your life easier. There are head hunters/employment agencies and short-term agencies. So, why use one of these? Well, a great example is M&T Bank. They use Kelly Services to staff most of their temporary employees, and once you get into the company, you can use your experience and relationships with the managers to get an offer for a job a lot easier than if you came off the street.

It’s cheaper for companies and easier for you. Companies don’t want to deal with all the HR paperwork and responsibility of benefits etc. so it makes sense sometimes to outsource this to an agency. This benefits job seekers because they can go to one agency and get listings of multiple job openings that will best suit them. Also, when companies save money, it leaves more options on the table to hire more people, even if it’s on a temporary basis.

Going through a staffing firm will allow the company to hire someone easier and let them go without all the HR hassle, but how does this benefit job seekers you might ask? The other side of the coin is companies may offer a job to a temp. agency that they normally wouldn’t because of the costs or hassles involved if they had to do it themselves. Most employees don’t know that it costs a lot of money to hire just one employee so if companies can reduce this expense, then it gives the employer more opportunities to hire more people. Temporary jobs do commonly turn into long term employment.

Treat a staffing agency just as you would a normal interview. These recruiters need to keep their true customer happy, which is employers so they want to present the best candidate to the employer so that company will become a repeat or referring customer. Prepare and dress the same you would as if you were going into a direct hire interview. Even though you may not know which company you’ll be applying for, it makes sense to still have good examples of past accomplishments and what you are looking for in an employer. Keep in mind that you may also have to do an interview with the company as well. This isn’t always the case. Depending on the job and it’s level of seniority in companies can depend on if you just interview with the agency or with both.


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