Make The Sale and Close the Interview Strong

closingGetting hired is your main focus when searching for jobs in Buffalo and WNY. Therefore, you must do what all sales people are trained to do: Always-Be-Closing. Don’t go into an interview, completely dominate and then fizzle at the end. Put them on the spot; make them sit up for a second and realize you came ready be to hired.

Remember, you did all your research on the position, the company, the salaries, the market, and every kind of possible interview question they could throw at you. You’ve also practiced what you would say and how you would say it. You’ve attended several networking groups in  Buffalo, and networked your butt off just so you would have a chance to interview and prove you’re right for the job. This is the time to prove yourself; capture it.

First, butter them up with some non-traditional interview questions that will convince them you are not a normal, boring job candidate, but a job hunting ninja who’s found their target and are going after it with all you’ve got. Ask them questions such as:

  • After meeting with me and discussing my qualifications, do you have any reservavations with putting me this position?
  • Do you see any qualifications gaps that I need to address?
  • I am confident that I am duly qualified for this position with my experience and skills is there any reason that you may feel otherwise?
  • Is there anything that I may have said that gives you reservations about me fulfilling the duties of this role?

These questions put the interviewer on the spot and if they weren’t expecting them–you’ve just stumped them. For someone that has been through a lot of interviews, getting to stump the interviewer may actually make you smile, but don’t let your guard down. You are here to strike while the iron is hot. After they give you an answer. Digest it and address any issues they may divulge. A good way to address any concerns is to get the details on what they are having issues with and clarify why it’s not an issue. Be accepting of the criticism and be very cordial and diplomatic. Never be confrontational with an interviewer. Re-close the interview by asking if you have addressed their issues and if they still have any concerns. None? Then pounce on the opportunity they have just bestowed upon you.

Now, since they no longer have any reasons why you shouldn’t be hired. Say to them “Great. What would be the next steps in the hiring process that we could schedule today?” Since they didn’t have any issues with you then it would make perfect logical sense they would want to move forward with the hiring process. This shows you are above the rest and are ready fill this position. It will also show you where you stand with the interview. No more debating with yourself whether or not the interview well. You heard it straight from them.

Use the information they have given you in your Thank You Letter. If they give you any feedback on their reservations about you, go ahead and include in your letter how you are going to correct the problem. Make sure to thank them for the feedback too!

You’ve done all the work and given a stellar performance so make that sale and walk out of the interview knowing this job is yours. You’ve earned it.


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