Choose the Right Keywords to Use in Your Cover Letter & Resume

choose-keywordsThe job description is the first inkling you have as to what type of candidate the job recruiter wants, however, these job descriptions can be quite lengthy. Instead of re-reading the job description over and over again to get a sense of what skills recruiters are looking to hire, use a tag cloud generator that will automatically search through all the words in the job description and display (nice and boldly) what words are most used. This will give you ammunition to use when creating your cover letter and resume.

Tag clouds are simply a bunch of words that display the most important (most used) words in bold. They are generally used in blogs and articles on the internet so a visitor to a website can see which tags are most used. Using these tag clouds to your advantage is a little secret most job seekers don’t know about. The website is an easy to use tag cloud generator that I recommend using when looking for Buffalo jobs because all you have to do is cut and paste the job description, and Tagcrowd will report back which words were most used. This is ideal for job candidates because now you will know what the job recruiter wants.

Below is a picture of what the end result will look like for a web designer position for North American Breweries. You can see that Design, Experience, and HTML are very important to the hiring manager so it would be imperative to list and explain that you have them throughout your cover letter and resume. This will also boost your ranking with Resume scanning software because recruiters tell the software to look for these words in Resumes, and then the software spits out a list of applicants that include those words. You can find out what these words are by using tag clouds, and then help yourself get onto that list.

job description important words

The whole point of this is to use these keywords in your resume as many times and logically possible. They will be what gets you passed computer screening software. Keywords are very important to your resume, and are what pop out to the recruiter when they physically look at your Resume or Cover letter.


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