Your Name Tag Matters More Than You Think

nametagYou are at the registration table of a networking event, you quickly scribble your name on a blank name tag, and then slap it onto your left shoulder. Big mistake. You just missed out on networking effectively. Your name tag is a great networking tool that should be made with some smart thinking.

What Should You Write on Your Name Tag?

Obviously, your name but just your first name. Your last name isn’t very important at this point, and by having only your first name, it’ll make it easier to write in big bold letters. Plus, people you meet can have a better shot of remembering your name if they only see the first name. Also, write your job title or what you want people to know you do. For example, write in bold letters your first name and Project Coordinator or Painter below it. This way, people can easily see what you do without asking. If someone is looking for your expertise, they’ll immediately come up and talk to you. This can help reduce your anxiety of meeting new people since they are breaking the ice and are already interested in you.

Where Should I Put My Name Tag When Job Networking?

Most people are right-handed and shake hands using their right hand. Other than an awkward left-shake due to a broken right hand, I have rarely used or witnessed a left-handed shake. Therefore, if most shakes are done using the right hand, it makes sense to place your name tag on your right shoulder so people can quickly and clearly read your name.

Summary: When you’re at networking events in Buffalo, N,Y write only your first name and job title/expertise on your name tag, and place the name tag on your right shoulder so people can easily read it when shaking your hand.


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