Job Hunt Checklist

job-search-stepsI’ve been a big fan of checklists for years. They offer a fast and easy way to see the steps involved to any goal or project. Finding jobs in Buffalo is no exception. These are the most common steps you’ll take in your job hunt. I like to use them as milestones and confidence boosters because I feel one step closer to my goal every time I cross one off.

The starting point depends on your place in life. Do you know what specific job or field you want to enter? I didn’t so mine started with career exploration and finding my niche. These would count as prerequisites. I left off items such as the elevator speech and others because while they are very important, they are not essential.

  • Define your niche – Get very specific with job titles
  • Determine your culture – What type of environment and people do you like
  • Tailor your Resume – Include lots of keywords and make each one unique to each job you are applying
  • Craft a Cover Letter – This too should be keyword rich and a straight to the point sales pitch to drum up interest in your Resume


  • Network, Network, Network – 75% of all jobs are found through networking. Get out there and use your network
  • Informational interviews – Learn about organizations, opportunities, or your contact
  • Interview – Nail it. Make them want you so bad they hire you on the spot
  • Maintain the Follow-up – Whether it’s a week or once a month. Always show interest
  • Negotiation Salary and Benefits – Don’t lose out on this opportunity. Income is one of the greatest determinants of wealth
  • Get hired and Smile! Then, keep looking even after the papers are signed. Nothing is permanent so don’t get too comfortable.
  • Enjoy life – What else would be the point?

There are other complementary items that are beneficial but not mandatory such as your elevator speechpersonal business card, and optimized your LinkedIn.


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