Organize Your Job Search Better

quick-tipIt’s a numbers game right? They say the more jobs you apply for the more likely you will get a job, and to keep yourself organized, I’ve included several tips that help me keep track of all my documents that are needed when job hunting. This is a real simple method I use when applying for jobs that allows me to save time and my sanity during my job hunt. I’ve been using this method for over nine years.

I first create a Folder on my computer that is only for my career. Within it, I have several folders for specific categories dealing with my job search in Buffalo. For instance, I have folders for Companies, Resumes, References, Skills/Experience, Photos, Networking, and Unemployment. I’ll list what is in each folder below to make it easier for you:


Each important company that I apply to has its own sub-folder, and within it I place the Resume, Cover Letter, Thank you letter, and the Job description. If I apply to several positions at one company, each position will get its own folder. I’ve found keeping the job description is important because I refer back to when creating certain documents, and most job postings get taken down. Here’s  a trick to recover a job posting that was removed from the internet. All you have to do is search in Google the employer’s name with the job tile. You should get a result for the position. Don’t worry when it says the job is no longer posted when you click it because instead of clicking the blue link, you can click the little arrow next to the Google result and select Cache. This will bring you to the job posting before it was taken down. Once I get a job at a company, I keep in its folder any awards, performance reviews, HR documents, benefits and the like so I have everything in one place.


I keep all my LinkedIn, job networking, or any other photo that is related to my career in this folder. I find using the same photo for all my career oriented profiles to have the same photo to keep things consistent and recognizable.


I include my References sheet, as well as my Recommendations in this folder. I also contain my contact list here organizations I worked at in the past. The contact list has the name, address of past employers,and managers with their phone numbers and extensions.


I mentioned in the Companies section that I place all my company specific Resumes within their respective folder, but the Resumes folder is where I keep my general Resumes that are divided up into different types. They include varies types of resumes such as functional, creative, ones specifically for job boards, as well as other people’s resumes they have given me so I can use them as guides. Important tip to remember is do not put your phone number, home address, or any personal information on job board Resumes such as Craigslist, Monster, CareerBuilder and so on. You don’t want to give out too much information. Your email address should be sufficient for these sites. I also don’t update these Resumes too much because it becomes more of a pain to have to keep them constantly updated. I basically save time by using the last company specific Resume I made as a template for the next job application.

Skills & Experience:

This folder contains a few Word docs. that list What I Did at Each Job, my Qualifications, and a spreadsheet that lists specific skills and the organization where I used them. These documents are used when I prepare for job interviews.


I include information on NY unemployment insurance here in case it is ever needed so I won’t have to worry about not having income.


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