Find the Recruiter’s Contact Info

Cut through all the fluff and head straight to the hiring recruiter’s inbox. There’s so much noise in the job hunting galaxy that it’s hard to get through it all and land in front of the face of the recruiter. Use these simple steps to wade through the waves of distraction and into their line-of-sight.

Start with LinkedIn

You’ve got the job, your resume ready, and now your about to finish off that cover letter with a personalized greeting, but you don’t know whose name to put down. Use LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has a simple search bar that let’s you use Boolean search terms. Boolean? Yea, remember that guy from high school? To use Boolean queries, all you have to do is type in the company’s name and a plus sign (+) with human resource after it or another term that the company would use for their recruiters. For large companies, use the Location filter to add the zip code of the branch here in WNY.

You can also use your contacts on LinkedIn to find connections to the company and ask them who is the person in charge of doing the hiring. You can even ask for an informational interview.

Use Your Google

This company loves math and Boolean too. Here are some search terms to try in Google to find the exact email for a hiring manager or recruiter in Buffalo. The name in the brackets is the HR person’s name, and any other word is to be used exactly how it is shown.

  1. [name] + email
  2. [name] + email address
  3. [name] + contact
  4. [name] + contact information

Get company specific:

  1. [name] + email + company
  2. [name] + email address + company
  3. [name] + contact + company
  4. [name] + contact information + company
  5. Search the company’s website:
  • site:[companywebsite].com + [name] +

With some quick detective work, you’ll be finding that diamond in the rough in no time. I’d like to thank Paul Chittenden at for this tip.


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