Crafting Your Elevator Speech

make-elevator-speechI’ve mentioned before some power tips on using your Elevator Speech so here is a quick rundown how to put the it together. This speech could be part of your initial impression with someone, especially at professional networking events where people are looking for a certain type of person. If you are that person, pounce on this opportunity.

Originally from Forbes.

  1. Know What You Want – The point of your Elevator Speech is to let others know who you are, what you do, and what you want to do. Write down what your goal is and work from there.
  2. Write Down Everything – Start writing what you want your audience to know. Keep writing until you have nothing else to write, then start editing until it’s a concise, natural sounding summary that’s interesting.
  3. Keep It Simple – The speech will answer Who you are, what you’ve done, and what you want
  4. The Speech is for Them – The listener needs a benefit from listening to you. Provide examples of how you can benefit them, not just how many years of experience you have.
  5. Make it Universal – Use words that anyone can understand, and keep it light on the industry jargon.
  6. Revise it – Say the speech to yourself and others. Try recording it. If you don’t like how your voice sounds recorded, don’t worry, few people do.
  7. Practice – Practice it until it naturally flows from you and gets your message across.
  8. Make it Adaptable – A speech at a cocktail party should sound different than one a professional networking group event but still deliver the same message.
  9. Delivery is Key – Shake the person’s hand, look them into the eye, and sound confident. People love listening to confident people.
  10. It is Your Speech – Let others have their input, but it is you who is giving the speech and must own it.

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