Panel Interviews

panel_interviewsThe Panel interview will consist of you and a group of people from the hiring company. Usually, it is three people, and it varies who these people are. Sometimes is three managers, including the one you will be working with, or it could be one person from HR, a team lead, and the dept. manager. The first thing to know about Panel interviews and all interviews it to be prepared. If you haven’t read the post on How to Prepare for an Interview I recommend it.

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One on One Interview

The traditional one-on-one interview is still being used. Usually, it is with the HR recruiter but sometimes it can be with the manager that is needing a position filled. A key post to read is the How to Prepare for an Interview in order to prepare for this interview. Remember, a one-on-one interview doesn’t always have to be in a formal setting. It can be a walk, which Mark Zuckerberg is a fan, or an on-the-spot interview that randomly pops up between you and someone else. Continue reading “One on One Interview”