List of Staffing firms in Buffalo & WNY

listA staffing firm is a great opportunity to get your foot into the door at a company, which I described in the post Why Use a Buffalo Recruiting CompanyThere are literally dozens of companies willing to place you in your next job so to make it easy for you contact them, I’ve listed them below. Continue reading “List of Staffing firms in Buffalo & WNY”


Why Use Staffing Agencies?

temp agenciesThere a several reasons to use one of the many staffing companies in Buffalo. It’s where 25% of all unadvertised jobs are located, but not all are the same. Choosing the right one will make your life easier. There are head hunters/employment agencies and short-term agencies. So, why use one of these? Well, a great example is M&T Bank. They use Kelly Services to staff most of their temporary employees, and once you get into the company, you can use your experience and relationships with the managers to get an offer for a job a lot easier than if you came off the street.

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