The Happy Secret to Better Work

WNY Job FinderShawn Achor explains in this Ted Talk how you create large waves of change in your life by making small ripples of change. Luckily, he explains his research easily and simply so anyone can understand it. Plus, he’s witty and makes the audience laugh throughout the talk so take a few minutes and watch it.

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“Since When Are You the Quitting Kind?”

football-helmetWe all know that looking for jobs in Buffalo & WNY is tough, and at times, we feel like giving up. It’s at these points in our job search that we must pull all the energy from deep within our gut and push forward. Giving up is simply not an option.This is why getting out of your house, away from the computer, and socializing is key to keeping spirits up.

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Never Give Up!

nick vijicicIt’s hard to find jobs in Buffalo and WNY, we all know this, but what a lot of job seekers fail to realize is the amount of mental toughness they will need in order to get through it all. A person will need tough skin to make it through the storm of feelings they will have. The ups and downs, the feeling of loneliness, and desire to just give up hits many people. The rejection isn’t personal and it’s not about you. Don’t be your own worst enemy. You’re not alone and there is always someone who has it worse. Be thankful for what you do have and appreciate each day you have to try again.

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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

buffalo jobsearch stay motivatedThese are the closing words of Steve Jobs in his speech to Stanford students at their graduation ceremony. The meaning behind them is to live your life by constantly pursuing your dream. Don’t ever settle down and get too comfortable in your ways. Life is an adventure, one with ups and downs, and it’s the people who realize and appreciate this turbulent nature that become successful and happy. Are you prepared for it, and do you want it bad enough?

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