Most Jobs Are Found by Networking

job networkingThe post 75% of Jobs Are Not Advertised explains how the hidden job market is comprised of cold calling and networking. These two methods make up the hidden job market, and networking makes up the majority of that percentage so get out there and start meeting people.

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75% of All Jobs Found Are Not Advertised

hidden job marketJob searching in Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas is said to be a full-time job. The problem is the majority of people go onto job boards like, Monster, or Indeed and think their next job will be found there. Unfortunately, only 5% of actual job postings are found online through traditional job boards. The key is to unlock the hidden job market. I breakdown the rest of the math below.

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Your Email Address is Your First Impression

e-mailYour online name is your identity; Make it count. Use professional emails in your job hunting instead of one’s like A professional email would look something like Emails are free so make a new one. If you are upset that you now have two emails and have to check them both, then I recommend forwarding all your old/personal emails to your new, professional one.

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