10 Tips for Job Reference Pages

You’ve done everything you can to convince the employer you’re the right person for the job so now it’s your reference’s turn. Hopefully, you’ve been maintaining your references, otherwise your chances of getting hired can end here. By following these tips, your reference sheet will assist you immensely in your search for jobs in Buffalo.

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Job References Get You the Job!

buffalo who job referencesA person recommending you goes a long, long way. Think about it; how many times have you asked your friends and colleagues about their recommendation on a computer, movie, or book you’re looking into?  People ask for advice because when they are making decisions, they want to know from a trusted source what they suggest.

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Answering “Why Were You Fired?”

why you were firedThis question is probably one of the hardest one’s to answer. Here’s some advice to steer your answer in the right direction. The only sure fire way to get this answer right is if you prepare and practice it until you sound confident and comfortable in  your answer. The words should come from your mouth steady with confidence, not hesitation.

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Finish the Interview Strong

interviewingThe interview is almost over and now it’s your time to ask questions, but what questions should you ask? Well, you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you so ask questions that you really want answers to. By asking questions you care about, it shows you’re both interested and you did your research. Have questions ready!

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How to Prepare for Job Interviews

practice interviewResearching and practicing are a must. Knowing as much as you can about yourself and the company is by far the best advice for WNY job seekers. Think of it this way, it’s better to leave an interview knowing you had good, well-articulated answers than it is to have feelings of doubt and uncertainty because you didn’t prepare enough.

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Why you should Love Interviewing

job search loveWhen it comes to interviewing for a job, most people dread it. They even say that they hate it, and it’s a waste of time because you are asked useless questions. Then, you are made to do it all over again for a second or third round of interviews, where you have to repeat the same information over again. Well, if you have an inexperienced interviewer who just uses Google to pick questions to ask, then Yes, it is most likely a waste of everyone’s time. If the interviewer truly knows why they are asking each question, then it is a great opportunity for everyone to learn about each other to see if the new relationship will be a good match.

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Posting Your Resume Online

how to submit resume onlineIt’s time to take your Resume from your computer to the online world. The three main job boards for posting your resume are Monster, CareerBuilder, and Indeed. Buffalo Job Finder used to be called Yahoo! HotJobs but was bought by Monster so now Buffalo Job Finder and Monster are essentially the same service. Another local one is WNYJobs.com.

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What’s the Resume Golden Standard?

resume standards

The Resume’s main point is to get you the interview. Remember that when you create one. This is the only job for a Resume so don’t over think it. Most Resumes are only read in the matter of 10-20 seconds. Therefore, there is not one common or standardized resume; however I generally hear that a chronological one is the most preferred and one page is best unless you have plenty of relative experience. HR Reps are going to want to pair your skills and experience with the job as quickly as possible so make every second count.

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Writing that Amazing Cover Letter

writing-cover-lettersThe cover letter’s purpose is to create interest in your resume and personalize yourself with the recruiter. It is your introductory to your Resume. It should get the recruiter interested in you and want to read your Resume. The Cover Letter is the place you can use words such as “I, Me, You,” etc., and consists mostly of 3-5 paragraphs.

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