Know Thyself: Career Search & Job Resource Websites

know yourselfThe following is a pamphlet used in the Department of Labor in New York State for people looking to explore what careers are available based on skills, interests, education, and more. I think it will help tremendously anyone trying to find their path to a rewarding career in Western New York.

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10 Steps to Take After Being Laid Off

what to do after layoffBeing let go from a company is a big event in any person’s life. Especially, when you get the notification at 4pm on a Friday. Many things begin to rush through your mind so I want to make sure you take a breath and make the right decisions. Here is a simple guide based on a Forbe’s article on what to do immediately after you are notified it’s time to leave.

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Free Tax Preparation in Buffalo & Erie County

wny taxesWhile we are working hard on finding a job in WNY, there is one thing that we cannot forget about. Tax season. Whether you are currently employed or on NYS unemployment insurance, taxes are something we can’t escape. Luckily, there is help out there for people making under $50,000, which is the majority of people in WNY so chances are, you’ll qualify for free tax preparation. Continue reading “Free Tax Preparation in Buffalo & Erie County”

What Type of Resume Should I Use?

resume typesThere are numerous types of Resume’s out there that a Buffalo job seeker can choose from, but which one is right for you? It all depends on a couple of different factors. One person can use different types of resumes depending on the type of job or even which company (some employers prefer a specific kind). Here’s a table that lists the 3 main types of resumes, their pro’s and con’s, and who they are best suited for. These three are the most commonly used in Buffalo.

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Use a Qualifications Chart

qualifications sheetWouldn’t it be nice to have a fast method of showcasing your available skills and compare it to the one’s required on the job description? Well, one way to do this is through a Qualifications Chart. A Qualifications Chart is simply a table with two columns that has the qualifications and skills required for a job on one side, and on the other side, a description of your qualifications and skills that match. It’s one of the best ways to easily show that you are the right job candidate for the job. Continue reading “Use a Qualifications Chart”

Add Keywords Your Resume with Skills

With the wide spread use of employers using computers to scan digital Resumes and cover letters, a job seeker needs to figure out how to make sure that computer chooses theirs among all the others. Think of it the same way way Google presents you with results for words you searched. The computer scanner searches for certain words that relate to the job posting. Use these tips to your advantage. Continue reading “Add Keywords Your Resume with Skills”

The Official Way to Check Your Credit Report

credit-reportThe only legitimate website is It’s free and lets you choose which of the three credit report companies you want to use. They are Experien, TransUnion, and Equifax. Other “free” sites may give you your report, however, they end up getting your money by automatically locking you into a subscription plan.

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POW! Grab the Readers Attention!

explosionDid I get your attention? Action words can help you grab the attention of the reader immediately so here is a list of words you can use on your Resume, Cover Letter or anywhere else you’d like. They are in the past tense because all your sentences should be in the past tense, except if you are currently employed at an organization. Continue reading “POW! Grab the Readers Attention!”

Job Search Goal Sheet

job goalsThis sheet organizes your job search activities so you know the actual number of hours you are spending looking for jobs in Buffalo and WNY. You want a job so you should know how much time you are actively looking for one. Creating business cards and Resumes is important to get jobs, but if you could call a contact and be hired then they aren’t necessary. It’s important to find out the most crucial steps to getting a job and and focusing on those first. Continue reading “Job Search Goal Sheet”