The Informational Interview: A Job Hunter’s Best Friend

dogThere’s this amazing thing called The Informational Interview, and it is a blessing to all job seekers in Buffalo, NY. The informational interview is simply an interview with someone that is at a company you would like to work, in a field that interests you, or is knowledgeable on a particular subject. But, the most important thing you must remember about all informational interviews is to never ask for a job or expect one to come from it. They are only to learn from the person you are meeting.

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10 Tips for a Powerful Elevator Speech

elevator speechQuick! You’ve just met somebody, and they are that crucial contact you were looking for in your job search. Now, what do you say to them? How can you convey to this person who you are and what you are looking for? Easy, use an elevator speech. It’s the 30-second mini-commercial about yourself, and a great tool to to extend your own personal brand to anyone you meet. Whether you are helping some random stranger, bumping into someone at a networking event, or having lunch with for an informational interview, have this speech ready.

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10 Job Hunting Tips

job search tipsI’ve added detailed tips on how to handle job hunting in Buffalo & WNY here as a quick reference guide. It’s a tough world out there for job seekers, but by following these tips, you can stand out from the competition and crush it. What I found best to get a job is to be vigilante and connect to as many people as possible. There are so many tactics out there to find jobs but they all boil down fundamentals that I include in the quick cheat sheet. Continue reading “10 Job Hunting Tips”

Panel Interviews

panel_interviewsThe Panel interview will consist of you and a group of people from the hiring company. Usually, it is three people, and it varies who these people are. Sometimes is three managers, including the one you will be working with, or it could be one person from HR, a team lead, and the dept. manager. The first thing to know about Panel interviews and all interviews it to be prepared. If you haven’t read the post on How to Prepare for an Interview I recommend it.

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Why you should Love Interviewing

job search loveWhen it comes to interviewing for a job, most people dread it. They even say that they hate it, and it’s a waste of time because you are asked useless questions. Then, you are made to do it all over again for a second or third round of interviews, where you have to repeat the same information over again. Well, if you have an inexperienced interviewer who just uses Google to pick questions to ask, then Yes, it is most likely a waste of everyone’s time. If the interviewer truly knows why they are asking each question, then it is a great opportunity for everyone to learn about each other to see if the new relationship will be a good match.

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How to Create an Oustanding LinkedIn Profile

outstanding resumesThe most important thing to have on LinkedIn is a great profile. This means having your profile completeness as close to 100% as possible. It isn’t hard to accomplish this so keep working at it until you are there. A complete LinkedIn profile will have all the information someone will need to learn about you and what you do or want to do. It is a provider of numerous benefits.

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