Standout with a Personal Business Card

business cardNetworking is an important activity when searching for Buffalo jobs. Luckily, the post Effective Networking Tools gives you a list of tips so you can network successfully. One of the most important tools is a personal business card. Sure, you may had a business card from your employer, but in today’s world, we are our own personal brands that require our own, personal business cards.

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List of WNY Chamber of Commerce Locations

us chamber of commerece

The Chamber of Commerce is a great place to get involved with, especially if you want to network and meet employed people, and there isn’t any shortage of chambers in the WNY region. WNY and Buffalo Chamber of Commerce locations are all over the Northtowns, Southtowns and beyond. Local members are actively involved in the business community to further commerce and enrich local communities–it’s why the Chamber of Commerce exists. Look through the list of local branches and get in-touch today!

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Effective Networking Tools

networking toolsRecently, Forbes magazine released its list of Best & Worst cities for finding a job. Buffalo ranked second (tied with Rochester). Forbes determined their ranking based on a survey of data from, which calculated the number of postings per thousand people of jobs that paid $50,000 or more. This is where the data may be true but is misrepresenting.

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75% of All Jobs Found Are Not Advertised

hidden job marketJob searching in Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas is said to be a full-time job. The problem is the majority of people go onto job boards like, Monster, or Indeed and think their next job will be found there. Unfortunately, only 5% of actual job postings are found online through traditional job boards. The key is to unlock the hidden job market. I breakdown the rest of the math below.

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Your Email Address is Your First Impression

e-mailYour online name is your identity; Make it count. Use professional emails in your job hunting instead of one’s like A professional email would look something like Emails are free so make a new one. If you are upset that you now have two emails and have to check them both, then I recommend forwarding all your old/personal emails to your new, professional one.

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Erie County Career Centers & One-Stops

Career CenterThere are plenty of opportunities to strengthen your skills, network, and gain a foundation in your job search. Each career center & one-stop provides services to help facilitate your job search.

There are 3 Career Centers in Erie County. They each provide similar services and have very friendly staff that will help you if you have any questions. I’d recommend going to all three if you can. I’ve had times where I learned a great tip at one that the others didn’t know about, and if it wasn’t for someone that went to more than one, people would have missed out on this great tip. Here is a Map from the NYSDOL for all One-Stops and Department of Labor center’s in New York State.

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