Job Hunt Checklist

job-search-stepsI’ve been a big fan of checklists for years. They offer a fast and easy way to see the steps involved to any goal or project. Finding jobs in Buffalo is no exception. These are the most common steps you’ll take in your job hunt. I like to use them as milestones and confidence boosters because I feel one step closer to my goal every time I cross one off.

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Know Thyself: Career Search & Job Resource Websites

know yourselfThe following is a pamphlet used in the Department of Labor in New York State for people looking to explore what careers are available based on skills, interests, education, and more. I think it will help tremendously anyone trying to find their path to a rewarding career in Western New York.

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10 Steps to Take After Being Laid Off

what to do after layoffBeing let go from a company is a big event in any person’s life. Especially, when you get the notification at 4pm on a Friday. Many things begin to rush through your mind so I want to make sure you take a breath and make the right decisions. Here is a simple guide based on a Forbe’s article on what to do immediately after you are notified it’s time to leave.

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How to Find the Work You Love

how to find work you loveThis is an interactive book that is focused on exercises, similar to the book What Color is Your Parachute. They both get you thinking and priming the pump in your brain so you can go out and find a career that is both meaningful and rewarding. What differentiates How to Find the Work You Love from the Parachute book is you won’t find any step-by-step guides on how to find a job. How to Find the Work you Love is more about actually figuring out what job you will be most satisfied at than telling you how to get it.

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What Color is Your Parachute?

outstanding resumeThis seems like an odd question to ask, but it’s the name the book by Richard Nelson Bolles. It was originally written in 1970 and has been updated each year ever since. The book helps you find the jobs you value in your Career Exploration. Bolles asks what are the skills you would most like to use, what industry you would like to use them in, and then tells you how to find these jobs

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