Elevator Speech Example

Now that you have learned how to create and super charge your elevator speech. Here is a quick, yet very effective template to use. This script will help you simplify and laser focus your speech into a clear and concise personal commercial so you can communicate to anyone your skills and desired employment. Continue reading “Elevator Speech Example”


10 Tips for a Powerful Elevator Speech

elevator speechQuick! You’ve just met somebody, and they are that crucial contact you were looking for in your job search. Now, what do you say to them? How can you convey to this person who you are and what you are looking for? Easy, use an elevator speech. It’s the 30-second mini-commercial about yourself, and a great tool to to extend your own personal brand to anyone you meet. Whether you are helping some random stranger, bumping into someone at a networking event, or having lunch with for an informational interview, have this speech ready.

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