Erie County In-Demand Occupations

jobs in demandThis is the 2013 Erie County Demand Occupations List, and these are the jobs that are eligible for the Individual Training Account grants of up to $2,400.

You can apply at the ECC One Stop, Buffalo Employment & Training Center if you are in Erie County. The downtown Department of Labor and Williamsville locations do not currently deal with these funds for training. The funds for ITA go fast so try and get into the program as soon as possible!

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Erie County Career Centers & One-Stops

Career CenterThere are plenty of opportunities to strengthen your skills, network, and gain a foundation in your job search. Each career center & one-stop provides services to help facilitate your job search.

There are 3 Career Centers in Erie County. They each provide similar services and have very friendly staff that will help you if you have any questions. I’d recommend going to all three if you can. I’ve had times where I learned a great tip at one that the others didn’t know about, and if it wasn’t for someone that went to more than one, people would have missed out on this great tip. Here is a Map from the NYSDOL for all One-Stops and Department of Labor center’s in New York State.

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