Finish the Interview Strong

interviewingThe interview is almost over and now it’s your time to ask questions, but what questions should you ask? Well, you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you so ask questions that you really want answers to. By asking questions you care about, it shows you’re both interested and you did your research. Have questions ready!

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Answering Curveball Interview Questions

curveball interview questionsSome interviewers ask these strange questions just to see how you react. This may sound cruel, but think of it this way, there is always something that comes up unexpectedly in business and they need level headed people who can handle these arising problems. Showing great control under pressure is a valuable asset that will help in securing a job in Buffalo & WNY.

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Common Job Interview Questions

common interview questionsThis list consists commonly asked interview questions that you are likely to be asked when interviewing for jobs in Buffalo. Go ahead and print them out so you can write down you answers, or copy them into a Word document so you can save your answers. You will be interviewing again in the future so save your answers to avoid having to do this repeatedly.

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How to Prepare for Job Interviews

practice interviewResearching and practicing are a must. Knowing as much as you can about yourself and the company is by far the best advice for WNY job seekers. Think of it this way, it’s better to leave an interview knowing you had good, well-articulated answers than it is to have feelings of doubt and uncertainty because you didn’t prepare enough.

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One on One Interview

The traditional one-on-one interview is still being used. Usually, it is with the HR recruiter but sometimes it can be with the manager that is needing a position filled. A key post to read is the How to Prepare for an Interview in order to prepare for this interview. Remember, a one-on-one interview doesn’t always have to be in a formal setting. It can be a walk, which Mark Zuckerberg is a fan, or an on-the-spot interview that randomly pops up between you and someone else. Continue reading “One on One Interview”