Job Hunt Checklist

job-search-stepsI’ve been a big fan of checklists for years. They offer a fast and easy way to see the steps involved to any goal or project. Finding jobs in Buffalo is no exception. These are the most common steps you’ll take in your job hunt. I like to use them as milestones and confidence boosters because I feel one step closer to my goal every time I cross one off.

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Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

linkedin-profile-optimization“87% of companies use LinkedIn for recruiting, so it’s a good bet that your next employer will look for talent there.” – Dan Fannigan, CEO at Jobvite.

Dan’s company, Jobvite – a SaaS platform for the social web that companies use to find and hire people, discovered this statistic when it conducted a recent study. It’s a good thing to know this fact because it seems LinkedIn is becoming the best method of networking, recruiting, and sharing your resume in the job hunt. Here are some simple actions Dan gives to boost your LinkedIn profile so recruiters find you, and your profile sells itself.

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Choose the Right Keywords to Use in Your Cover Letter & Resume

choose-keywordsThe job description is the first inkling you have as to what type of candidate the job recruiter wants, however, these job descriptions can be quite lengthy. Instead of re-reading the job description over and over again to get a sense of what skills recruiters are looking to hire, use a tag cloud generator that will automatically search through all the words in the job description and display (nice and boldly) what words are most used. This will give you ammunition to use when creating your cover letter and resume.

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Add Keywords Your Resume with Skills

With the wide spread use of employers using computers to scan digital Resumes and cover letters, a job seeker needs to figure out how to make sure that computer chooses theirs among all the others. Think of it the same way way Google presents you with results for words you searched. The computer scanner searches for certain words that relate to the job posting. Use these tips to your advantage. Continue reading “Add Keywords Your Resume with Skills”

POW! Grab the Readers Attention!

explosionDid I get your attention? Action words can help you grab the attention of the reader immediately so here is a list of words you can use on your Resume, Cover Letter or anywhere else you’d like. They are in the past tense because all your sentences should be in the past tense, except if you are currently employed at an organization. Continue reading “POW! Grab the Readers Attention!”

Writing that Amazing Cover Letter

writing-cover-lettersThe cover letter’s purpose is to create interest in your resume and personalize yourself with the recruiter. It is your introductory to your Resume. It should get the recruiter interested in you and want to read your Resume. The Cover Letter is the place you can use words such as “I, Me, You,” etc., and consists mostly of 3-5 paragraphs.

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