Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

linkedin-profile-optimization“87% of companies use LinkedIn for recruiting, so it’s a good bet that your next employer will look for talent there.” – Dan Fannigan, CEO at Jobvite.

Dan’s company, Jobvite – a SaaS platform for the social web that companies use to find and hire people, discovered this statistic when it conducted a recent study. It’s a good thing to know this fact because it seems LinkedIn is becoming the best method of networking, recruiting, and sharing your resume in the job hunt. Here are some simple actions Dan gives to boost your LinkedIn profile so recruiters find you, and your profile sells itself.

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Getting and Maintaining References

buffalo who job referencesReferences are the people you know that give the job recruiter validation that you are the right person to choose for the job. I’ve covered the benefits of references, and 10 tips for utilizing your references before so now I’m going to talk about how to get a reference, maintain those references, and give an overview of the Recommendation Sheet.

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10 Tips for Job Reference Pages

You’ve done everything you can to convince the employer you’re the right person for the job so now it’s your reference’s turn. Hopefully, you’ve been maintaining your references, otherwise your chances of getting hired can end here. By following these tips, your reference sheet will assist you immensely in your search for jobs in Buffalo.

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Job References Get You the Job!

buffalo who job referencesA person recommending you goes a long, long way. Think about it; how many times have you asked your friends and colleagues about their recommendation on a computer, movie, or book you’re looking into?  People ask for advice because when they are making decisions, they want to know from a trusted source what they suggest.

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