Breathe in, Breathe Out

job-meditationFeeling overwhelmed, nervous with your anxiety through the roof? You’re not alone. Everybody feels nervous going into an interview, but how to create an atmosphere of peace and calm? Simple. Create a buffer and breathing space.

Just Breathe.

When you sit down and the interviewer asks you “So, tell me about yourself” don’t panic. Don’t start rambling about growing up in Buffalo and bumbling about your 2.5 kids—they don’t care. Your kids aren’t sitting in that chair to see if they can handle a job worth tens of thousands of dollars in pay and benefits. What you should do is focus on being kind and courteous (your breathing room).

The first words out of your mouth should be to thank them for the opportunity they are giving you to talk about yourself. After all that’s what an interview is right? It’s not really, but that’s a topic for another post.  Anyway, when you start to answer their question thank them for the opportunity given to you, be grateful for it. It will set a precedent and image to them that you are a humble person who actually cares you are there. This also give you time to relax before you talk about yourself.


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